The cornerstone of any treatment is healthy eating.


The role of healthy diet in maintaining the health of the body,
as well as in the prevention and treatment of many pathological conditions, is indisputable.


With our assistance you learn to adopt healthier eating habits
tailored to the individual needs of each organism
by effectively enhancing health levels and learning
to recognize and listen to your body’s needs.


We provide nutritional support in a variety of situations including:

Balanced Diet

Dietary requirements vary according to sex, age,
environment, everyday life and physical activity of each person.


Together you learn to listen to your body’s needs
and adopt healthier dietary choices, through making small changes
tailored to the various stages of human life such as
childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the third age.

Pregnancy & Fertility

Nutritional demands on both energy and nutrients are increased during pregnancy.
A desired weight gain combined with a balanced diet contributes decisively to the smooth
development of your fetus and the smooth outcome of your pregnancy, reducing the risk of
complications for you and your fetus. However, according to researches, the time before
conception is as important to deal with any pre-existing nutritional deficiencies and to
enhance your ability to conceive and boost your health as a future mother.

Together we apply a balanced diet tailored to your needs


whether you are in a pre-pregnancy period


or depending on your pregnancy trimester, in order to
achieve a desired and controlled weight gain.


The breastfeeding period plays an important role in the early stages of infant development.


Breastfeeding offers many benefits for both you and your baby.


We create a balanced diet that will cover the calorie and nutritional
requirements of breastfeeding at the same time,
favoring the loss of the weight gained throughout pregnancy safely.

Sports’ Diet

A proper and balanced nutrition combined with exercise has multiple benefits in all systems
of the human organism, reducing the risk of disease in the long term.


However, intense physical activity and, in particular, sports may strain the body without a
complete nutrition in terms of nutritional and energy requirements.


We design special diet programs tailored to the athlete’s sport, eating habits and physique.


Our goal is
to determine the athlete’s energy needs,
to calculate the lean and the fat body mass,
to increase the athletic performance
and to prevent adverse conditions such as dehydration, depletion of
glycogen stores and hypoglycemia.


The fasting period has many health benefits, since the consumption of fruits, vegetables,
legumes and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids is favored by sources such
as tahini, olives and olive oil. But it also hides many dangers in covering nutrients such as
protein, iron, calcium, and B vitamins. Fasting therefore requires a special dietary approach
to avoid nutrient deficiencies.


In KBdiet we provide you with
the necessary knowledge for a safe period of fasting
and we create personalized diets characterized by balance,
variety and appropriate nutritional combinations.


Let us not forget that spiritual balance and physical balance are interrelated…


Vegetarianism has begun to gain more and more supporters, but appropriate nutritional
support is required to ensure the daily needs of the body. Vegetarian diet hides many
dangers and must be treated with seriousness.


If you want to become vegetarian, we recommend solutions adjusted to your personal needs.


We offer you specialized diets with nutrient sufficiency and appropriate nutritional
combinations, in order to avoid the appearance of eating deficiencies, with iron deficiency
and megaloblastic anemia, the most frequent forms of anemia, due to iron and vitamin B12
deficiency, respectively.
With our assistance you learn to apply a vegetarian diet safely …   

Weight gain

Most people want to lose weight, but there is also the opposite side of the coin. Lower body
weight may be as much or even more dangerous for health than obesity.


An underweight person is more likely to develop osteoporosis, neurological and
psychological disorders, fertility problems, and immune dysfunction.


Reduced body weight may be the result of reduced caloric intake combined with gene and /
or stress factors. However, pathological factors including various infections, diabetes
mellitus, cancer, hypothyroidism, eating disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases such as
celiac disease, may also be responsible.


If you lose too much weight lately without making any effort, it is necessary that you visit a
doctor to exclude possible pathological causes.


If you have a reduced body weight and want to increase your weight to normal levels, we offer you


a hypercaloric personalized diet to progressively and healthily achieve the desired weight intake,


and the necessary knowledge to maintain your new weight.

Weight loss – Obesity

According to WHO, from 2014 to 2016 overweight and obese people in Greece increased
from 60.5% to 64.9%, similar to America where this percentage is 67.3%.


Obesity is a chronic multifactorial disease and its treatment requires a serious dietary
treatment. It can start from a very young age and be accompanied by metabolic disorders
that increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension and cancer.


Do you want to get out of the vicious cycle of obesity?


Have you tried all kinds of “magic diet” on the internet and in the market without result?


Do you want weight loss for other possible health issues (e.g. gastroesophageal reflux,
orthopedic surgery etc.)?


At KBdiet we help you regain your health and wellbeing by gaining a healthy weight in the
right way and by keeping it for a lifetime.


We provide you with a nutritional plan

balanced, tailored to your needs for proper and gradual reduction in fat,


and long-term maintenance of your new weight.


Make a new start properly…

Clinical Diet

Our eating habits have changed radically throughout the recent decades. Modern lifestyle
by turning to fast food, increasing consumption of processed foods and daily stress has
contributed to the rapid increase of diseases.


Prevention and treatment of the disease with clinical nutrition in combination with medical
follow-up has proven to be positive for health improvement.


At KBdiet  we check the levels of nutrients that are directly related to your condition, such as
vitamin B12 and folate, and we offer specialized diets for the following conditions:

You follow a special diet rich in iron,

folic acid or vitamin B12 depending on your type of anemia.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism require a special dietary

approach so as to achieve a favorable course of the disease in conjunction with proper

dietary supplementation.

You follow a diet adapted to the standards of the

Mediterranean Diet to reduce cardiovascular risk depending on the type of the disease and

the medication you are receiving.


Kidney diseases require a specially formulated diet carefully designed

regarding sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein.

We prepare a specialized diet adapted to the symptoms and

type of neurological disorders, combined with the administration of appropriate

dietary supplements.


You follow a special diet to reduce uric acid and treat

the disturbing symptoms of inflammation in the joints.

Together we create an appropriate diet program to

treat fatty liver infiltration.


We control and correct potential nutritional deficiencies in energy and nutrients

and we provide you with a diet in order to balance the body first and then the spirit.


We provide you with appropriate dietary programs for the prevention and

treatment of certain types of cancer while adopting healthier dietary habits.


We provide nutritional support through a specialized diet and

appropriate nutritional supplements to prevent and treat your disease. We undertake

autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, 

Crohn’s disease, etc.


You learn to adopt a diet beneficial for the treatment of hormonal

disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, and menopausal

and climacteric disorders.

METABOLIC SYNDROME (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, abdominal obesity)

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a set of interrelated metabolic disorders that increase the
risk of chronic disease occurrence. Elements of metabolic syndrome include abdominal
obesity, hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hypertension.

We design specialized personalized food plans aiming at :

The adjustment of your blood pressure

The improvement of insulin resistance

The regulation of blood glucose levels

The reduction of abdominal and visceral fat deposition

The adjustment of disturbed levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol) and triglycerides.


It is estimated that 41 million people are in pre-diabetes and about 422 million people
suffer from diabetes. People in pre-diabetic stage are at high risk for switching to the type 2
diabetes stage and developing cardiovascular disease.


The composition of the meal affects significantly glucose levels in diabetics. Adopting a low
glycemic index diet reduces the risk of developing diabetes while it improves the control of
glucose and blood lipids in diabetics.


In KBdiet


We educate you nutritionally aiming the prevention and treatment of diabetes.


You learn to apply special dietary recommendations regarding the composition of the meal.


We provide you with a specialized and personalized diet of low glycemic index for optimal
glycemic control.


Our goal is to :

Adjust your blood glucose levels

Reduce glycosylated hemoglobin levels (HbA1c)

Improve your lipid profile

Make a better metabolic adjustment

Reduce the complications of diabetes


A large part of the population suffers from gastrointestinal disturbances such as bloating,
abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, nausea.


We undertake the creation of a specialized diet for gastrointestinal diseases such as celiac
disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophageal
reflux disease etc.


Our goal is


to get rid of the annoying symptoms,


to improve the course of the disease


and to avoid possible relapse or exacerbation of the disease.


The most common allergies are due to egg, shellfish, fish, wheat, soybeans, nuts and cow’s
milk. While the most common food intolerance is the intolerance to lactose and gluten.


The best way to deal with them is to avoid the responsible foods.
Together we create a scientifically specialized diet avoiding foods that are harmful to your body.


Our goal is


to relieve unpleasant symptoms like bloating, itching, sneezing, skin rashes, migraines,
constipation, diarrhea,

to adopt a diet that is friendly to your organization for a lifetime.

We stand by your side …
Because your health is important to us …